Bachelor Programme 031300.62 “Journalism” (Faculty of Philology)

Education Cycles
Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (50-60 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Philosophy, History, Foreign Language (English), Foreign Language (German) for Humanitarian Faculties, Foreign Language (French) for Humanitarian Faculties, Cultural Studies (including Religious Studies), Political Studies, Economics, Law, Psychology, Contemporary Cultural Context, Social Studies, Theories of Communication in Journalism.
Optional Subjects: History of Cinematography, History of Theatre, Political Relations and Political Process in Contemporary Russia, Sociology of Contemporary Russia, Methods of Sociological Research, Social Psychology, Problems of Mass Culture, Sociology of Mass Communication.
Natural Sciences Cycle (6-8 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Theories of Contemporary Natural Science, Contemporary Information Technologies.
Optional Subjects: Website Creation and Administration, Computer Presentation Technologies.
Professional Training Cycle (145-155 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Health and Safety Management, History of Foreign Journalism, History of Foreign Literature, History of Russian Journalism, History of Russian Literature, Methods of Mediasphere research, Fundamentals of Journalism, Fundamentals of Journalist Creative Activity, Legal Fundamentals of Journalism, Journalist Professional Ethics, Russian Language, Stylistics and Editing, Publishing, Fundamentals of Public Relations Theory, Journalism Psychology, Journalist Speech Culture, Mass Media System, Contemporary Electronic Mass Media, Journalist Sociology, Technology of Media, Technology of Printed Media, Ecological Journalism, Economics and Management of Media.
Optional Subjects: Leisure Journalism, Social and Political Journalism, Theory and Practice of Periodical Press, Theory and Practice of  Television and Broadcasting, Methodology of Periodical Press, Methodology of Television Journalism, Technology of Information Genres, Technologies of Belles-Lettres, Creation of PR Text, Philological Expertise of Journalist Texts.
Social and Professional Training Cycle (7 credits)
Physical Culture (2 credits)
Educational and Work Practice (20-25 credits)
Final State Certification (10-12 credits)
Elective Courses (10 credits)
Introduction into Speciality, Group Project Training

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