Bachelor Programme 032700.62 “Philology” (Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (40-45 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Modern and Contemporary History of the World. Philosophy. Foreign Language (third: German; French; Korean; Spanish). Management in Humanities. Economics. Pedagogy. Science of Law. Psychology.
Optional Subjects: Aesthetics. Ethics. Political Sciences. Sociology. Culture Studies (theory of culture). World Literature Theory.
General Professional Training Cycle (40-45 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Life Safety. Latin. Introduction into Theory of Literature. Introduction into Theory of Linguistics. Introduction into Theory of Communication. Information Technologies in Humanities.  Fundamentals of Philology (History and Methodology of Philology. Topical Problems of English Philology. Topical Issues of English Literature. Topical issues of Linguodidactics.  Theory of Text. Theory of Translation. Fundamentals of Intercultural Relations. Contemporary Russian and Culture of Speech. Contemporary Russian Literature. 
Optional Subjects: Analysis of Literary Text. Topical Issues of Narratology. Linguistic analysis. Language of Mass-Media. History of English Culture. History of English Literature. 
Professional Training Cycle (125-130 credits)
Compulsory Disciplines: Practical English. Practical French (or German). Practical Training Courses in Culture of Speech (first and second foreign languages) Introduction into Special Philology (Germanistics). History of English.  Practical Translation Training. Theory of English. 
Optional Subjects: Methods of Foreign Language Teaching. Theory of Linguodidactics. Information Technologies in Interpreter and Translator Activities. Mathematical Methods in Linguistics. 
Physical Culture (2 credits)
Educational and Work Practice andor Research & Development (10-15 credits)
Final State Certification (12 credits)
Elective Courses (10 credits)
Introduction into Speciality. Topical issues of Business Translation. Topical Issues of Novel Studies. Kunstelroman in World Literature.

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