Bachelor Programme 040100.62 “Sociology” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (38-41 credits)
Compulsory subjects: History, Philosophy, Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French), Cultural Studies, Politology, Science of law, Social pedagogics, Social psychology, Economics, Methods of teaching sociology at school, Russian language and speech culture.
Optional Subjects: Aesthetics, Ethics.
Natural Sciences Cycle (29-34 credits)
Compulsory subjects: Computer science, Logic, Mathematics, Mathematical methods in sociology, Theory of probability and mathematical statistics, Theory of measuring.
Optional Subjects: Concepts of contemporary natural science, Mathematical modelling of social processes.
Professional Training Cycle (139-147 credits)
Compulsory subjects: Life safety, Demography, History of sociology, Methodological seminar on research topic, Methodology and methods of sociological researches, General sociology, Sociology of international relations, Economic sociology, Data analysis, Information systems in social activity, Methods of qualitative analysis, Public relations, Social projecting, Sociology of culture, Sociology of organisations, Sociology of the family, Human resource management.
Optional Subjects: Social anthropology, Sociology of communications, Sociology of identity, Sociology of religion, Creative economics, Social partnership, Branding as an institution, Sociological research in consulting practice, Modern French sociologists (Touraine, Boudon), Labour relations in modern Russian society, Advertology, Sociology of enterprise.
Physical Culture (2 credits)
Educational and Work Practice andor Research & Development (9-12 credits)
Final State Certification (9-12 credits)
Elective Courses (10 credits)
Group planning training (business plan), Group planning training

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