Bachelor Programme 040400.62 “Social Work” (Faculty of Law)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (30 credit units)
Compulsory Subjects: Introduction in a Profession of Socail work, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Foreign language.
Varieties (University) Subjects : Social Protection and Social Service of the Population/
Optional Subjects: Employment of the Population and its Regulation, State Social Policy in a Transition Period
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Cycle (65 credit units)
Compulsory Subjects: Informatics, Mathematics, Contemporary Scientific View to the World.
Varieties (University) Subjects: Internet Technologies in Social Work, Information Technologies in Social Work, Packages of Applied Programs on Statistical Methods in Social Work, Legal Information Technologies in Social Work.
Optional Subjects: Concepts of modern natural sciences,  Programming bases in social work, The Foundations of Family Budget, Social demography, Social and Economic Development of the Perm region, Social aspects of Region Studying, Statistics on the Population’s Standard of Living and the Social Sphere Branches, Experiment and Interpretation of the Data in Social Sciences
Professional Training Cycle (119 credit units)
Compulsory Subjects: The History of Social Work, Conflict Studies in Social Work, Research methods in social work, Foundations of Social Medicine, Psychology of Social Work, Social Computer Science, Social Pedagogics, The Theory of Social Work, Technologies of Social Work (Social Work Tools), Social Work Management, Economic Bases of Social Work, Ethical Foundations of Social Work, Health and Safety.
Varieties (University) Subjects: Civil Law and its Role in the Protection of Citizen’s Social Rights, Housing Law and its Role in the Protection of Citizen’s Social Rights, System of Social Legislation, Family Law and the Protection of the Family’s Interests, Social Work and Juvenile Justice, Labor Law and its Role in the Protection of Citizen’s Social Rights.
Optional Subjects: Deontology of Social Work, Law enforcement bodies and their Role in the Protection of Citizen’s Social Rights, Psychological Counseling, Psychology of Communications, Social Responsibility of Business, Socio-Psychological Training,
Physical Culture (2 credit units)
Elective Courses (10 credit units)
Basics of Social State, Group Project Education (Social Work)
Educational and Work Practice (12 credit units)
Final State Certification (12 credit units)

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