Bachelor Programme 080100.62 “Economics” (Faculty of Economics)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (38-48 credit items)
Compulsory Subjects: History, Philosophy, Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French), Business Ethics, Science of Law, Sociology, Foreign Language for Economists (English), Foreign Language for Economists (German), Foreign Language for Economists (French), Psychology, Economic Resources of the Organization.
Optional Subjects: National Economy, Regional Economy, Civil Law, Entrepreneurial Law.
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Cycle (40-50 credit items)
Compulsory Subjects: Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Optimal Decision Methods, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Environmental Policy and Environmental economics, Economic and Mathematical Methods, Economic Informatics and Information Technology.
Optional Subjects: Sustainable Economic Development Model, Resource-saving Economics, Operational Research (for economists), Statistic Studies Methods in Economics.
Professional Training Cycle (130-140  credit items)
Compulsory Subjects: Emergency Management, Business Accounting and Analysis, Institutional Economics, History of Economic Thought, Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Planning and Forecasting,  Marketing, Management, Microeconomics, World Economy and World Economic Relations, Statistics, Finances, Econometrics, Government Management of the National Economy, Money, Credit and Banks, Forecasting of National Economy, Strategic Planning, Innovation Theory, Risk Management in National Economy,  Economic Security, Economic Analysis of the Law.
Optional Subjects: National Accounting System (NAS), Innovative Development Strategy, Research Methods and National Economy Modeling, Modern Computing Technologies for Analyzing and Forecasting  Socioeconomic  Processes of the Region, Investment Development Strategy, Innovation Economics, Crisis Management in National Economy, Economic Crimes.
Physical Culture (2 credit items)
Educational and Work Practice andor Research & Development (8-12 credit items)
Pregraduation Practice
Final State Certification (12 credit items)
Defence of the Final Qualification Work
Elective Courses (10 credit items)
Information Support of Educational Process, Taxes and Fiscal Policy, Financial Security Support

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