Bachelor Programme 081100.62 “State and Local Government” (Faculty of History and Politology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (56 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Politology, Sociology, Economics, History: Social History of Russia, Philosophy, Foreign Language (English), Foreign Language (German), Foreign Language (French), Specialty Introduction Course, Government Management of Economy, Foreign Language in Management (English), History of World Civilizations, Marketing Foundations, Legal Studies, Psychology, Russian Language and Speech Culture, Rhetoric, Organization Theory.
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Cycle (33 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Informative Technologies in Management, Concepts of Modern Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Demography, Logics, Mathematical Simulation of Social and Economy Processes, Decision Making, Ecology.
Professional Training Cycle (131 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Administrative Law, Civil and Local Service, Civil Law, Business Communications, State Government History in Russia, Russian Federation Constitutional Law, Records and Document Management Foundations, Making and Implementation State Decisions, Forecast and Planning, System of State and Local Government, Social Psychology, Management Theory, Labour Law, State and Municipal Contracts Management, Workforce Management, State and Local Economy, Civil and Local Service Ethics, Safety of Life, Land Law, Innovation Management, District Marketing, Municipal Law, Tax and Assessment, Organizational Planning and Projection, Region Government and Territorial Planning, Public Relations in Authorities, Management Sociology, Project Management, Management Consulting.
Optional Subjects: Social and Economy and Political Processes Research, Social Projection Foundations, Foreign Civil Service, Management Psychology, Research and Analytic Activity Foundations, Social Politics and Social Development of Russian Federation Regions, Geopolitics, Ethnopolitical Processes in Russian Federation, Political Regionalistics, Territorial Organization of Population, Political Relationships and Political Process in Modern Russia, Policy Theory, Perm Region – Competitive Development Territory, Theory and Practice of Local Government, Anticorruption Policy, State and Municipal Finances.
Physical Culture (2 credits)
Educational and Work Practices (12 credits)
Final State Certification (6 credits)
Elective Courses (10 credits)
Project Group Training: Business Planning

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