Master Programme 010200.68 “Mathematics and Computer Science” (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)

General Scientific Cycle (24-32 credits)
Compulsory Courses: Foreign Language (English), History, Philosophy and Methodology of Mathematics, Methods of Science Teaching, Methods of Mathematical Courses Teaching in Higher Education, Foundations of Geometry, Additional Chapters of Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Modern Chapters of Scientific Discipline.
Optional Courses: Institutional Foundations of Education System, Technology of Professional-Oriented Teaching, Modern Chapters of Scientific Discipline, Contemporary Mathematical Problems, Higher School Education, Higher Education Psychology.
Professional Training Cycle (29-35 credits)
Compulsory Courses: Algebraic and Geometric methods in Mathematical Physics, Additional Chapters of Differential Equations, Additional Chapters of Special Mathematical Disciplines. Part 1, Additional Chapters of Special Mathematical Disciplines. Part 2, Additional Chapters of Functional Differential Equations, Computer Geometry, Methodology and Technology of Software Development.
Optional Courses: Computer Technologies in Mathematics, Solvable and Nilpotent Groups, Graph Theory, Expert Systems of Rating Assessment, Additional Chapters of Integro-Differential Equations Theory, Lag Equations and Their Applications.
Practice and Research Work (44-52 credits)
Final State Certification (12 credits)

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