Master Programme 010300.68 “Fundamental computer science and information technology” (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)

General Scientific Cycle (25-30 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: English (professional), Algorithmic foundations of multimedia technology, History and methodology of applied mathematics and computer science, Mathematical models of information security, Analysis of information technology, Information technology in science and education, Pedagogy of higher school.
Optional Subjects: Design of information systems, Human machine interface training systems, Introduction to the design of digital systems, Training of professionally oriented rhetoric, Debate and dialogue, Principles of systems used for data analysis, Psychology of higher education.
Professional Training Cycle (25-32 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Intelligent information technologies, Object databases, Distributed object technology, Modern technology and paradigm information systems development, Methods of teaching science in high school, Principles for the development of electronic educational resources, Instructional systems design, Project management.
Optional Subjects: Assessment of quality of teaching of electronic educational resources, Statistical data processing, Methods development training-monitoring programs, Systems certification.
Practice and Research & Development (40-55 credits)
Final State Certification (8-15 credits)

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