Master Programme 010400.68 “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science” (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)

General Scientific Cycle (25-30 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Foreign language (English), Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: History and Methodology, Modeling and Business Process Reengineering, Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Systems.
Optional Subjects: Analytic Hierarchy Process, Local Area Network Design, Cryptography methods of protection of the information, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.
Professional Training Cycle (35-40 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: High Performance Computing and GRID Technologies, Modern Internet Technologies, Theoretical Foundations of Information Systems, Virtual Reality and Multimedia, Predictive Analytics: Theoretical Fundamentals and Programming Tools, Distributed Algorithms, Modern Theories of Simulation, Adaptive System Design and Technologies, Project Management.
Optional Subjects: Advanced Methods of Inventive Problem Solving, Business Intelligence Tools and Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: Theoretical Fundamentals and Programming Tools, Artificial Neural Networks.
Practice and Research & Development (40-50 credits)
Research & Development, Master’s Thesis Preparation, Work Practice, 6 course.
Final State Certification (8-12 credits)

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