Master Programme 011200.68 “Physics” (Faculty of Physics)

General Scientific Cycle (26-34 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Foreign language (English), Information and Communication Technology, Computer methods for analytical calculations, Philosophical problems of natural science, English, Interfacial hydrodynamics, Experimental methods in fluid dynamics.
Optional Subjects: Convection in magnetic nanofluids, Phase transitions in liquid crystals.
Professional Training Cycle (24-28 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: History and Methodology of Physics, Modern Problems in Physics, Fluid weightlessness, Theory of convective and hydrodynamic stability, Statistical Theory of Liquids, Shock waves and acoustic phenomena.
Optional Subjects: Vibrational effects in hydrodynamics, Computational Methods in Solid State Physics, Automation of the experiment, Special Laboratory (Computational Methods in Solid State Physics).
Educational and Work Practice andor Research & Development (40-43 credits)
Final State Certification (20-25 credits)

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