Master Programme 020100.68 “Chemistry” (Faculty of Chemistry)

General Scientific Cycle (25-31 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Fundamentals of Computer Chemistry, Problems of Modern Chemistry, Philosophical Problems of Chemistry, High-Effective Chromatography
Optional Subjects: Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French)
Professional Training Cycle (33-39 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Coordination Chemistry of Inorganic Substances, Theoretical Fundamentals of Inorganic Substances and New Materials Synthesis, History and Methodology of Chemistry, Kinetics of Chemical Reactions, High-School Pedagogics, Law and Protection of Intellectual Property, Thermogravimetry of Inorganic Substances, Physicochemical Analysis, Physicochemical Analysis of Multicomponent Systems, Chemistry of Rare, Dissipated and Rare-Earth Elements.
Optional Subjects: High-School Psychology, Psychology of Management
Practice and Research & Development (5 credits)
Final State Certification (2credits)

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