Master Programme 020700.68 “Geology” (Faculty of Geology)

General Scientific Cycle (12-17 academic credits).
Compulsory Subjects: Computer technologies in geology, Contemporary problems of economics, organization and management in geological prospecting and interior utilization, Natural sciences philosophy, Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French).
Optional Subjects: Patent science, Psychology and pedagogics of higher school.
Professional Training Cycle (35-45 academic credits).
Compulsory Subjects: History and methodology of geological sciences, Contemporary problems of geology, Equipment and technology of wells’ geophysical investigation, Gravimetry, Data processing of wells’ geophysical investigation, Magnitometry, Seismostratigraphy, Electrologging, Nuclear geophysics.
Optional Subjects: Geophysical investigation in oilfield operation, Oil well diagnostics by geophysical methods, Microseismic zoning, Prospecting seismology by refracted waves method, Computer technologies in geophysics, Computer modeling technologies in geophysics, Management in geophysics and interior utilization, Enterprise principles in geophysics, Integration of geophysical methods, Petrophysical support of geophysical methods.
Practice and Research & Development (60 academic credits).
Final State Certification (5-10 academic credits).

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