Master Programme 021000.68 “Geography” (Faculty of Geography)

General Scientific Cycle (10-20 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Foreign Language (английский), Computer Technologies in Tourism, Philosophical Aspects of Natural History, Contemporary problems of Social Geography.
Optional Subjects: Global Studies in Geography, Social and Economic Geography of Ural.
Professional Training Cycle (30-40 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: History, Theory and Methodology of Geography, Innovative  and Informational Development of Region, Basic Foundations of Regional Policy, Spatial Organization of Society, Regional Social and Economic Geography, Regional and Municipal Management, Ecological Problems of Social Development.
Optional Subjects: Geopolitical Structure of the World, Theories and contemporary problems of World Development, Social, Economic and Spatial Management of Urban Development, Social, Economic and Spatial Management of Rural Development, Cognitive Geography, Cultural Geography, Mental Cartography, Basic Foundations of Ethnology.
Practice and Research & Development (60-70 credits)
Final State Certification (5 credits)

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