Master Programme 021600.68 “Hydrometeorology” (Faculty of Geography)

General Scientific Cycle (11-13 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Foreign Language (English), Philosophical Aspects of Natural History, Mesometeorological Processes Remote Research Methods.
Optional Subjects: Meteorological Support for Aviation, Over Short-term Forecasts.
Professional Training Cycle (35-37 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: History, Theory and Methodology of Hydrometeorology, Contemporary Meteorological Problems, Air Pollution Mathematic Modeling, Medical Meteorology, Industrial Ecology Basic Foundations, Natural Disasters Forecast, Statistical Weather Forecasts, Climate Theory, General Atmosphere Circulation Theory.
Optional Subjects: Atmosphere and Hydrosphere Interaction Problems, Regional Synoptic Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasts for Agriculture, Hydrological Forecasts, Space Methods in Ecological Monitoring, Ecological Risks in Hydrotechnical Engineering.
Practice and Research & Development (65-70 credits)
Final State Certification (4 credits)

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