Master Programme 022000.68 Ecology and Nature Management: “Environment and Human Health” (Faculty of Biology)

General Scientific Cycle (15-20 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Foreign language (English), Philosophic problems of the Natural Science, Computer technologies in Ecology and Nature Management, Mathematical modelling of ecological processes, Scientific Bases of the Testing.
Optional Subjects: Geo-informational Systems, Computer-integrated analysis of the ecological data, Technologies of the remote teaching.
Professional Training Cycle (35-40 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Modern Problems of Ecology and Nature Management, Biological and Social-Demographical Bases of the Human Health, Risk-Analysis of the Human Health, Estimation of Consequences of Anthropogenic Environmental Impact on the Human, Modelling of Medico-Biological Processes, Human Bioethics, Grand practical course “Environment and Human Health”.
Optional Subjects: Geo-Informational Technologies, Radioecology, Ecological Epidemiology, Human Ecology,  Human Ecological Potentiality, Anthropogenic Human Environment, Medico-Ecological Problems, Heredity and Inherited Diseases, Techno-dependent Human Pathology, Ecologic-Medical Monitoring.
Practice and Research & Development (55-65 credits)
Scientific Practice in Environment and Human Heals, Practice in teaching.
Final State Certification (4 credits)

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