Master Programme 030100.68 “Philosophy” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (15-20 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Computer technology in science and education, Methods of philosophy teaching in high school, Argumentation theory and practice, Foreign language in occupational communication, Methodological Seminar on graduate qualification work, History and philosophy of science.
Optional Subjects: Logical framework of argumentation, Epistemology and computer technology, Conflict management, Contemporary aesthetic theories.
Professional Training Cycle (40-45 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Updated tendencies and trends of the world philosophy, Education science, Contemporary philosophical problems, The problem of system of categories, The problem of meaning of life in philosophy, The problems of social biology, Social projects management, Philosophy of economy.
Optional Subjects: “Capital”, Contemporary political economy, The problem of Self in contemporary philosophy, Communication psychology for a business person, The problem of immateriality, Psychology of personality, Philosophy of language, Philosophical problems of virtual reality, The category of substance and the concept of the history process, Economic psychology.
Curricular-practical training (там – Educational and Work Practice and or Research and Development) (56 credits)
Final State certification (4 credits)

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