Master Programme 030200.68 “Political Science” (Faculty of History and Politology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (15-20 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: History of Politics, IT in Political Studies, Modern Concepts of the Philosophy of Science, English: Academic Readings and Writings, Teaching of Political Science in High School.
Professional Training Cycle (40-45 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Political research Methods, Contemporary Political Science: Trends and Directions, Political Philosophy,  Political Sociology: New Trends, Political Theory, Political Leadership.
Optional Subjects: Russian Political Identity in Comparative Perspective, Russian Political Order in Comparative Perspective, Political Processes in Eastern and Central Europe,  Political Processes in Western Countries, Public Policy and Civic Expertise, Race and Ethnic Policy in Plural Societies. 
Practice and Research & Development (56 credits)
Actual Problems of Political Studies
Final State Certification (4 credits)

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