Master Programme 030300.68 “Psychology” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

General Scientific Cycle (16-18 credit units)
Compulsory Subjects: Methodological problems of psychology, The organization and methods of
psychological research, Foreign language in professional communication, Educational systems and technology, Legal and ethical foundations of psychology.
Optional Subjects: The methods of work with a scientific text, The methodology of psychological diagnostics.
Professional Training Cycle (44-48 credit units)
Compulsory Subjects: Actual problems of the theory and practice of modern psychology, Scientific schools and theories of modern psychology, Branches of psychology and psychological practice and psychological services, Teaching Psychology in Higher and Further Education, Statistical methods in psychology, Actual problems of psychology of personality and development, Gender psychology, Development of personality, The main directions of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, Psychology of family and family relationships, Theories and methods of group work with people, Methodical training.
Optional Subjects: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology of interpersonal communication, Psychology of violence in family: prevention and rehabilitation, Psychology of work with families in crisis situations, Foundations of personal counseling and personality psychotherapy, Foundations of family counseling and family psychotherapy, Personality in the organization, Foundations of psychological assessment and examination staff, Psychology of prenatal development, The development of children in families of different types.
Practice and Research & Development (36 credit units)
Final State Certification (20 credit units)

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