Master Programme 030600.68 “History” (Faculty of History and Politology)

General Scientific Cycle (20-28 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Legal Aspects of Socio-Cultural Activities, Political Processes in Modern Russia.
Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle: English in the Field of Professional Communication (History), Modern Concepts of the Philosophy of Science.
Optional Subjects: Decision Making, Fundraising.
Professional Training Cycle (34-40 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Actual Problems of Historical Research, Interdisciplinary Approaches in Contemporary Historical Research, History of Social Thought in XXth century Russia, Computer Technology in the Modern Historical Research and Education, Cultural Policy and Creative Industries in the History of Russia, Basics of Academic Editing, Teaching History in a Higher School, Spatial Dimension of Russian History and Culture, Social History of Modern and Contemporary Russia.
Optional Subjects: History of Leisure, Social History of an Age, Political Regionalistics of Russia, Political Elites in Russia's History, Gender Dimension of Russian History, Dissent in Russian History, Political Culture of Russian Society and Its Visual Representation, Political Mythology: Russia's Historical Experience.
Practice and Research & Development (34-40 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Actual Problems in the History of XX-XXI centuries Russian Society.
Final State Certification (26-30 cred.)

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