Master Programme 040100.68 “Sociology” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

General Scientific Cycle (10-14 credits)
Compulsory subjects: Foreign language in professional communication, History and philosophy of science, Methods of teaching sociology, Psychology of management.
Optional Subjects: Social policy, Sociology of health.
Professional Training Cycle (46-50 credits)
Compulsory subjects: Qualitative methods of sociological researches, Methodology of social administration, Sociological methods in marketing researches, Methodology of sociology, Models of explanation and logic of sociological research, Political authority: theory and research, Workshop: social identity as social interaction factor, Working with sociological information, Sociology of management, Theory and practice of local government, Theory, diagnostics and means of conflict management.
Optional Subjects: Information technologies and resources in humanities’ research, Social geography of post-Soviet Russia: cultural landscape, Corporate responsibility in social administration practice, Problems of public opinion research, Focus group method in social administration practice, Methodological problems of contemporary sociology, Sociological research in expert practice, Urban sociology, City brand management.
Practice and Research & Development (36-42 credits)
Final State Certification (18-24 credits)

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