Master Programme 080100.68 “Economics” (Faculty of Economics)

General Scientific Cycle (10-20 credit items)
Compulsory Subjects: Informational Systems in the Economy, Scientific Research Methodology in Business Accounting, Audit and Economic Analysis, Quantitative  Study Methods (SPSS), Theory of Economic Analysis.
Optional Subjects: History of Business Accounting and Economic Analysis, Theory of Audit.
Professional Training Cycle (40-50  credit items)
Compulsory Subjects: Macroeconomics (advanced level), Microeconomics (advanced level), Econometrics (advanced course), Audit (advanced course), Business Accounting and Analysis in Bankruptcy (advanced level), Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit of Foreign-economic Activity, Professional Values and Ethics of Accountants and Auditors, International Financial Reporting Standards System (advanced course), Financial Accounting (advanced course), Economic Analysis (advanced course).
Optional Subjects: Managerial Accounting, Economic Security of the Organization, Organization  and Procedure of Tax Inspection, Managerial Analysis (advanced course), Commercial Bank Performance Analysis, Economic Analysis and Audit in Computer Sphere, International Auditing Standards, International Accounting Standards.
Practice and Research & Development (45-50 credit items)
Research & Development Practice (Accounting, Audit and Economic Analysis Department).
Final State Certification (10-15 credit items)
Elective Courses (10 credit items)
Languages: English (professional), German (professional), French (professional); Russian Financial Reporting Transformation according to International Standards, Philosophy of Modern Global Problems.

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