Master Programme 100400.68 “Tourism” (Faculty of Geography)

General Scientific Cycle (20-30 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Computer and Informational Technologies in Study and Education, Juridical Support of Tourist Business Activity, Theory and Methodology of Recreational Geography , Theory and Methodology of Social-Economic Researches in Tourist Industry, English for Professional Purposes (Tourism), History and Philosophy of Culture, Regulatory Documentation of Tourist Industry.
Optional Subjects: Tourism Sociology, Tourist Statistics, Applied Geography of Tourism, Tourist Logistics, Tourist Service Management, Tourist Industry.
Professional Training Cycle (30-40 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Managing Planning and Project Management, Forecasting and Planning in Tourist Industry, Tourist and Recreational Planning and Tourist Territories Development, State Regulations of Tourist Industry, Investment Strategy of Tourist Firm, Conception of Tourist Areas Development, HR Management.
Optional Subjects: Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Natural Heritage, Tourist Legend-Making, Tourist Resources Management, Destinations Geography, Tourism Centers Geography.
Practice and Research & Development (52-62 credits)
Final State Certification (3 credits)

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