Specialist Training (Extended Bachelor) Programme 030401.65 “Clinical Psychology” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic  Cycle (36-40 assessment units)
Core Subjects: Culturology,  Pedagogics, Legal Science, Professional Ethics, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Foreign Language (English), Foreign Language (German), Foreign Language (French), Methodology of Empirical Research in Psychology, Russian Language and Elocution. 
Optional Subjects: Logic, Rhetoric, Political Science, Economics.
Natural Sciences Cycle (22-24 assessment units)
Core Subjects: Anatomy and Physiology of Central Nervous System, Mathematics, Neurophysiology, Workshop n Neurophysiology, Computer Science, Concept of Modern Natural Science. 
Optional Subjects: Anthropology, Mathematical Model Psychology.
Professional Training Cycle (200-208 assessment units)
Core Subjects: Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology, Differential Psychology, History of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Methodology of Research in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychophysiology, Mathematical Methods in Psychology, Teaching Methods of Psychology in the Field of Higher Education, Methodological Backgrounds of Psychology, General and Developmental Neuropsychology, Workshop on Neuropsychological Diagnostics, General Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Pathopsychology, Workshops on Pathopsychological Diagnostics and Examination, on Children’s Pathopsychology, Psychiatry, Psychodiagnostics, Counseling, Workshop on Counseling, Psychology of Personality, Theories of Personality in Clinical Psychology. Personality Disorders, Psychosomatics, Workshop on Psychosomatics, Psychotherapy, Workshop on Psychotherapy, Psychophysiology, Social Psychology, Psychological Expertise in Court, Experimental Psychology, Emergency Management, Seminar on the Term Paper Topic, Psychology of Deviant Behavior, Psychology of Dependence Behavior, Psychology of  Rehabilitation and Restoration of Cerebral Competence, Selfregulation Psychology, Corporal Psychology, Special Psychology and Intervention and Developmental Training. 
Optional Subjects: Pathology of Memory, Psychology of Stress, Sexology, Suicidology.
Specialisation Subjects: Introduction into Clinical Analysis, Psychologist’s Activity Dealing with Crisis States, Dialogue Approach to Analysis of Psychotherapeutic Process, Remote Methods of Counseling, Peculiarities of  Self-actualization in case of Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychoanalitic Diagnostics, Psychological Follow-up in Professions Connected with Extreme Conditions, Family Psychology, Workshop on Work with Families, Psychology of Extreme Situations and States, Cultural and Ethnical Peculiarities of Experiencing Extreme Situations.
Physical Education (2 assessment units)
Educational and Work Practice, Supervision, Research & Development (46 assessment units)
Introduction Training
State Final Certification (10 assessment units)
Elective Courses (10 assessment units)
Group Project Training (Business Plan), Group Project Training

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