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Department of Biogeocenology and Nature Protection
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Conservation
Department of Meteorology and Atmosphere Protection
Department of Social and Economic Geography
Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology
Department of Tourism
Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics

The Faculty of Geography was opened in 1932, it was the first Geography Faculty in the Urals and the first dean was Professor V.Kondakov. A great role in the creation of the faculty was played by V.Bogoslovsky. In 1938 the geographic department was created from the Geologic-Geographical faculty of University, and geography began to be taught. Then in 1944 geomorphologists, hydrologists and soil also began to be taught. These subjects were  taught be highly respected scientists including V.Andropov, A.Shklyaev, A.Oborin.  At that time a famous economic geographer D.Pinkhenson was working at the faculty.
In 1955 an independent Faculty of Geography was set up by integration of PSU department, the PSPU faculty and a faculty of the Ural State University. Many excellent academics worked at the faculty: Prof. V.Tiunov, Prof. V.Tanaevsky, Prof. B.Vishnevsky, docent A.Sidorova, docent E.Yastrebov, docent I.Sandler, A.Chernyshova, docent Y.Shcherbakov, docent T.Mazur, docent M.Stepanov, docent P.Chepkasov, docent Y.Vlasov, docent N.Neshataev, docent K.Butyrina. In the same year the Department of Economic Geography was created. It was headed by Prof. V.Tanayevsky.  In 1958 the Faculty began to teach meteorology, and in 1960 the Department of Meteorology was founded. Its opening is connected with the work of the scientist G.Kulikov. In 1969 the Department of Land Hydrology was opened. Its first head was Prof. A.Shklyaev. Thanks to the commitment of G.Voronov, the Department of Biogeocenology and Nature Preservation was established in 1977. In 1992 programs of preparation of bachelors and masters were set up alongside the already established program for doctoral students. In 1999 recruitment to the project “Nature Management” started. In 2000 the Department “Social-Cultural Service and Tourism” was established, in 2004 – the Department of Tourism. In 2003 the University in Berezniki started to accept students from the North of Perm region as students of their Faculty of Geography . In 2004 the faculty moved to the a new building (No. 8). Every year students of geography, meteorology, hydrology, ecology and tourism graduate from the Faculty. In 2011 the faculty opened a new section “Cartography and Geoinformatics”. In 2007 it was transformed into the seventh Department.
The deans of the Geography Faculty:
1955–1960 – Boris Chazov
1960–1961 – Vladimir Balkov
1961–1964 – Agafia Chernyshova
1964–1965 – Alexander Shklyaev
1965–1981 – Vladimir Baranov
1972–1977 – Yuri Vlasov
1977–1987 – Vasiliy Anisimov
1977–1987 – Stanislav Krasnykh
1993–2018 – Alexander Zyryanov
Since 2018 – Andrei Zaytsev
Brief description
Nowadays PSU Geography Faculty is one of the biggest in Russia, and in the world. More than 1200 students study at the faculty, about 100 teachers work here, 16 of them are doctors of science and 60 are academics. There are world-famous scientific schools at the Faculty such as the School of Territorial Organization of Community (Prof. Sharygin), School of Complex Research of Reservoirs and their Interaction with the Environment (Prof. Dvinskikh). Scientific research has been carried out in the spheres of exogenous relief formation (Prof. Nazarov), regionology, the social-economic division of territory into districts (Prof. Sharygin, Prof. Zyryanov), problems of immunity of ecosystems as a scientific base to reveal and conserve protected natural territories (Prof. Voronov, Prof. Buzmakov), and circulation of energy in the atmosphere (Prof. Kalinin).
The Faculty carries out research, publishes an annual collection of scientific articles, monographs and manuals. Four times a year the Faculty publishes the scientific journal “Geographic Bulletin”. The Departments of the Faculty regularly organize international conferences such as the International Scientific Seminar “Tourism in the Heart of Russia”, the International Scientific Conference ”Anthropogenic Transformation of the Environment”, the all-Russia Scientific Conference “The Weather and the Climate:  New Methods and Technologies of Researching”, all-Russia Scientific Conference “Regional Potential: Analysis, Notion, Capitalization”.
Geography Faculty has close relations not only with Russian universities, but with foreign ones too, Berlin and Dresden (Germany), Oxford and Manchester (UK), Palermo and Bari (Italia) and Warsaw (Poland).
Many graduates of the Faculty have became professors, university teachers, head teachers or famous researchers.
The Faculty has various laboratories, computer classes and a functioning scientific base “At the Urals” (Preduralye). A library was created at the Geography Faculty in 1997. It  contains 5500 books and periodicals about geographical issues.

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