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PermState Universityhas been teaching geology since its first open and the first departments were founded in 1916.  Among the founders of the Faculty are the famous geologists Boris Polenov, Alexander Polkanov and the discoverer of the Verkhnekamsky deposit of potash-magnesium salt and oil in the Volga-Ural oil and gas province Pavel Preobrazhensky. In 1931 the academic A.Arkhangelsky suggested establishing an independent Geology Faculty at the University. It was one of the first geology faculties in Russia. V.Voznesensky became the dean of the Faculty.
Many well-known scientists have worked at the Faculty, and many of them are well respected throughout the country. For example:
- Nikolay Gerasimov (1898-1952) is the founder of the Perm School of Geology (oil industry workers and paleontologists), stratigraphists;
- Georgy Maksimovich (1904-1979) is a world-famous scientist - hydrogeologist, the founder of Russian karst topography;
- Pyotr Chirvinsky (1880-1955) is a famous Russian geologist, the founder of the Study of Meteorites in Russia;
- Alexander Malovichko (1910-1996) is a famous Russian gravimetric analyst, the creator of the Perm Scientific School of Geophysics;
- Igor Pecherkin (1928-1991) is a great scientist, engineer-geologist, one of the founders of the Engineering Karst Topography in Russia.
The scientific schools that they have founded have a world-wide reputation.
More than 8000 students of geology, geochemistry, geomorphology, oil industry workers, geophysics, hydrogeology and engineer-geology have studied at the Faculty, and went on to work in industrial, scientific and educational organizations of the Western Urals, Russia and many other countries in the world. Laureate of the Lenin prize Y.Fain, laureates of state prizes A.Burde, N.Vavilov, V.Nakaryakov, P.Savchenko, V.Tarasov, discoverers of significant deposits, managers of big geologic enterprises and scientific organizations, respected scientists, respected geologists and oil industry workers are among the graduates of the Faculty. More than 70 graduates became Doctors of Science and more than 300 became Academics of Science.
Deans of the Faculty of Geology:
1931–1935 – Voskresensky Vladimir
1935 – Ryzhkov Pavel
1935–1937 – Maksimovich Georgy
1937–1938 – Oborin Anton
Deans of the Geologic-Geography Faculty:
1938–1941 – Ignatiev Nicolay
1941–1942 - Oborin Anton
1942–1943 – Maksimovich Georgy
1944–1946 – Laptev Sergey
1946–1951 – Ignatiev Nicolay
1951–1955 – Chazov Boris
Deans of the faculty of Geology:
1955–1961 – Malovichko Alexander
1961 – Lunev Boris
1961–1962 – Urupov Adam
1962–1963 – Matveev Boris
1963–1966 – Chernyshov Nikolay
1966–1969 – Shimanovsky Leonid
1969–1970 – Pecherkin Igor
1970–1974 – Lunev Boris
1974–1979 – Shimanovsky Leonid
1979–1984 - Matveev Boris
1984–1987 – Osovecky Boris
1987 – Batalov Valery
1987–1996 – Shurubor Arkady
1996 – Bykov Vladimir
1996–2006 – Gershanok Valentin
 2006–2017 – Blinov Sergey
 2006–present –  Valerii Kataev

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