Intensive Courses on Russian Literature and the Russian language

Perm State University offers a unique opportunity to study Russian Literature and the Russian language. Each participant can get an unforgettable experience that combines academic courses with the cultural programme. 
The duration of the course is two weeks.
We offer you the following courses:
Intensive Courses on Russian Literature
Pre-Revolutionary Period of Literature (A.Pushkin, N.Gogol, F.Dostoevsky, I.Turgenev, A.Chekhov, L.Tolstoy and others) 
Post-Revolutionary Period of Literature (M.Bulgakov, B.Pasternak, M.Sholokhov, J.Brodsky and etc.)
(The requirement for these courses is the level of Russian which allows you to understand the oral speech). 
Optionally every course can be based on an overview of the whole literary period or an overview of the single author. 
Literature courses are based on the up-to-date professors’ researches and methods of teaching.
Intensive Courses on the Russian Language
Pre-Intermediate level (the desirable level -A2); 
Intermediate level (if you are already familiar with the basics of grammar, reading, speaking and writing in Russian, the required level- B1);
Advanced level (if you are able to communicate in Russian, but you want to make it perfect). 
The Russian language courses are based on the methods of intensive learning, communicative approach and professors’ experience.  
*If you are not sure about your level of Russian language proficiency we recommend you to pass the entry test to determine your level of Russian.
All courses are taught by leading academics of Perm State University.
All the courses include 40 academic hours of study, i.e. 4-5 academic hours per day. After the courses, each participant will get a certificate of completion. 
Accommodation. Staying with a Russian family will allow you to get a real experience of Russia and better insight into the Russian culture. Family breakfast and dinner are included.   
Visits to the local museums (History Museum, Museum of Modern Art and others) and Perm State Gallery are included in the cost of the programme.
In addition to the suggested cultural programme  the participants will have a chance to visit the places of the tourist attraction of the region such as Usolie or Tcherdyn (a day trips), Kungur Ice Cave or visit the famous Opera and Ballet Theatre. This offer is an option and not included in the cost of the programme.
Do not miss your chance to get acquainted with modern Russia!


PermState University


2 weeks during the whole academic year


Adults, students interested in Russian language and literature, who are willing to improve the knowledge of the Russian language and literature and to get plunged into academic atmosphere

Basic notion

Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian customs and traditions, Culture and Literature in Russia, Modern Russian Society

Language of learning

Russian (partly English)

Number of students in group

4to 6 people

Duration of the course

40 academic hours

Tuition fees


Accommodation Fees

5 000 roubles per week

How to Apply

Fill in the application form and send it by  e-mail
The deadline for applications The groups are formed as soon as we get the required number of participants.

For more information, please contact us
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
phone: (342) 239-62-23 

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