What our students are saying

Джеймс Мартин, Оксфордский университет, весна 2016
Я прекрасно провёл время в Перми. Хотя я пробыл там совсем ненадолго, учился очень много. У меня были уроки по грамматике и литературе каждую неделю. Они всегда были весёлыми, и наши преподаватели многое рассказали нам про русскую культуру и русские традиции. К тому же, наши преподаватели и сотрудники в международном отделе организовали интереснейшие экскурсии для нас по городу и Пермскому краю. Все сотрудники в Международном отделе очень дружелюбны, и всегда помогали нам, когда мы что-нибудь не понимали. Я уже скучаю по университету, преподавателям и всем друзьям, с которыми я познакомился во время моего пребывания там.
Sophie Kinloch, Oxford student 2016
My three months studying at Perm State University flew by and I have come back to England quite a different person from when I left. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to up sticks and live a stone's throw (in Russian terms!) from the Ural mountains whilst spending a term studying side by side with Russians. The daily language and grammar classes were wonderful conversation practice, a skill which foreigners studying the language ultimately find the most daunting. I was also fortunate enough to have weekly literature tutorials with Professor Arustamova, with whom I studied Russian texts closely. Each week we would discuss a different Russian work, analyse passages from the text and place it in the wider context of the Russian literary tradition.
Above all, what I take away from my experience is the overwhelming warmth and generosity of the Russians I met during my time in Perm. A city, which on the face of it is so different from home, has become a place which I remember with great fondness and with it comes a burgeoning desire to return!
Hanna Demarcus (USA) 
Studying abroad in Perm has been a very positive experience for me. The city is big enough to offer a lot to do (museums, theaters, etc.) but still small enough I feel safe. The residents are very friendly and excited to meet foreigners and very patient with me when I try to speak Russian. My Russian is slowly but surely improving, thanks to the environment and the language classes at PSU.  
One piece of advice: I would not suggest coming during the winter, unless you are prepared for very cold weather. I am sure that the summer is lovely though, and they do offer classes year round for foreigners.

Qi Ruchao (China)
Last year in October (2013), I came to the city of Perm from China. After coming here, I found a lot of museums, theaters, squares, etc., people here are very friendly. I like the snow, the winter here has a very nice snow. So I love this city. Hospitalization future is very bright!

Rosy Henderson (Great Britain)  
I have spent two months in Perm, studying the Russian language at Perm State University. While I have been here, I have certainly noticed improvements in my Russian, and   my literature lessons, while not covering anything in great depth, have given me a general overview of Russian literature, both prose and poetry.
I have made a great many close friends in Perm, and have greatly enjoyed getting to know this huge, fantastic, lively city, which is so different to any city I have ever been to. One of my favourite things about Perm is that there is so much open space- in English cities, the buildings tend to be very crowded together, but in Perm you can really see the sky!
I was never quite sure what people meant until I saw it for myself - there really is nothing like a Russian spring. I now understand why there is so much music and literature dedicated to this time of year. Of course, spring in England is beautiful, too, but there is not the same happiness and excitement about it as there is in Russia.
I am very much hoping to visit Perm again in the near future. Perm is my Russian home, and will always have a special place in my heart. But perhaps next time I will come in summer… .
Mathew Gentleman (Great Britain)
I am very glad that I came to Perm in particular as I feel it has given me far more of a sense of what life is really about in contemporary Russia in a way that just visiting Moscow would not have done.
Niels Santing (Netherlands)
I decided to go to Russia for the Russian language course. And now I can say it has been a good choice and I have been enjoying all aspects of my time being here.
I’ve had the chance to enjoy the Russian life and hospitality, to see beautiful cities (Perm has got a real comfortable location for travelling to other cities in Western Europe), to enjoy the city-life (which is in comparison to other big cities not really expensive), and of course, to learn Russian language in the country where you can learn it best and most adequate.
About PGU (Perm State University) I can say many good things, but what I appreciated most was that I always could ask for help or advice, related to the University or not. And further, the program is really well set up, which helped me learning the language and pass the exam at the end of the year. To every person who is interested in taking part in the program of the course, I can say I had the best 7 months in Russia, which I could imagine. Russia really is a beautiful country and has a rich cultural, historical life.
Christopher Schuman (Great Britain)
I was feeling fairly bi-cultural and just as happy to be living in Russia as I was in England. I noticed some things in the people, besides the incredibly rich culture, which made glad to be living in Russia; friendliness, open-mindedness, hospitality, generosity, spontaneity and a general sense of fun, which so many of us have lost sight of.

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