Metaphor in science

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature is happy to announce its 2016 Summer School Programme "Metaphor in Science" which should be of interest to undergraduates and postgraduates.
The programme will provide an overview of some of the main issues of metaphor, scientific discourse and terminology. These issues will be discussed within the framework of cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis and metaphor functioning. The course should help students to comprehend the role of metaphor in scientific discourse; it includes an in-depth study of metaphor.
The Summer School consists of lectures and workshops organized by qualified academics who are experienced in the field. The main aim is to help students to arrange their metaphor-effective thinking.
12-18 of June 2016
Course Content
The work will focus on four themes: Metaphor and Term; Metaphor and Scientific Discourse; the Author's Metaphor in Scientific Discourse; Metaphor Functioning.
The Summer School is organized as a complex of lectures, workshops, students' presentations and discussions. Students will be able to master new perspectives of metaphor study with key specialists and international students.
The course will be taught in English.
3.0 credits
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Perm Summer School "Metaphore in the science"

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