Economics and Commerce

Food Retail Development within Digital Transformation of Service Economy

● Food retail management through digital transformation at the “customer – product–store” levels
● Investigating the level of digitalization of food retail
● Commodity accounting and auto-ordering systems, IT-basis for managing food retailer’s development with a retail transformation mechanism
● Managing food retailer’s digitalization with modern software and logistics systems to increase its efficiency
● Investigating economic indicators of differentiation of retailers by digital technologies implementation level
● Analyzing concepts of food retailer’s digitalization at the territorial level
● Developing a model of digitalization of food retail chains considering IT products implementation
● Identifying key aspects to improve information management system of food retail’s commodity and assortment policy

service sector, food retail, digital transformation, customer, product, store


Ekaterina Antineskul
PhD in Economics
Associate Professor
ORCID 0000-0002-6837-1399
Researcher ID GRJ-7170-2022
Scopus Author ID 57315419000

Analysis and Forecasting of Financial Markets

● Evaluating the impact of international news on trade sanctions imposed on Russia
● Determining an index of sanctions news (SNI Index) to predict the behavior of participants at the financial market
● Applying the Granger test to examine the relationship between the Sanctions news index, stock and foreign exchange markets

trade sanctions, financial markets, Russian ruble, Russian stock market, Russian ruble`s forecasting


Vladislav Rychkov
PhD in Economics
Associate Professor

Public-Private Partnership Project Management

● Exploring a regulatory and institutional framework of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
● Studying state policy of supporting infrastructure development
● Considering PPP contract management

Public-Private Partnership (PPP), infrastructure development, value for money (VfM), value for people (VfP), contract management


Igor Merzlov
Doctor of Economics
Head of the Department of Management, Marketing and Commerce
ORCID 0000-0002-8317-5708

Strategic Forms of Managing Socio-Economic Development of Territories

• Studying socio-economic development of territories
• Improving management of socio-economic systems’ strategic development
• Reducing spatial heterogeneity of territorial development
• Evaluating efficiency of state programs and territorial development strategies
• Considering indicators of efficiency of state programs implementation in Perm region
• Developing a typology of regional program planning considering efficiency of state programs’ implementation, correlation with target indicators for state programs (outcomes) and investment rates

socio-economic systems, management, region, municipality, development strategy, agglomeration processes, spatial development of territories


Pavel Blus
PhD in Geography
First Vice-Rector
Associate Professor
ResearcherID: E-5253-2018

Territorial Public Self-Government (TPGS) and Its Impact on Local Economy and Communities

 • Studying public involvement in local governance and participative management in municipal governance
• Researching local communities and their role in territorial development
• Studying self-organizing communities in local territories
• Analyzing local non-profit organizations
• Exploring the role of public initiatives in municipal development

territorial public self-government, public administration, local communities, public involvement, self-organization of population, local government


Mikhail Mukhin
Senior Lecturer
SPIN-code: 7263-2765, AuthorID: 390873
ORCID 0000-0003-0799-678X

Forecast and Management of Socio-economic Development of Countries and Territories via Modern Information Technologies

 • Elaborating practical solutions, updated mathematical methods and algorithms
• Incorporating the concept of digital terrain model (digital twin)
• Providing software for intelligent decision support systems, based on a digital terrain model, new mathematical methods and algorithms

mathematical methods of analysis and forecast in economy, digital models, intelligent decision support systems


Dmitry Andrianov
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Vladimir Maksimov
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Managing Balanced Development of Regional Social and Economic Systems

 • Forming a concept, methodology and tools to manage balanced development of a territory
• Incorporating methods of systemic, institutional and gender analysis, economic and mathematical modeling, stakeholder and interdisciplinary approaches
• Considering factors that ensure balanced territory development based on the interests of all economic agents, i.e. government, business and society
• Improving the efficiency of human capital use by
◦ eliminating gender discrimination and negative cyclical processes
◦ facilitating inclusive economic growth
◦ improving quality of an institutional system
◦ reducing spatial differentiation
◦ accelerating the non-profit sector
◦ improving municipal services
◦ ensuring sustainable development of the higher education system in a territory

interests of economic agents, sustainable development, gender, inclusive economic growth, human capital, development cycle


Elena Bazueva
Doctor of Economics

Enhancing theoretical and methodological guidelines, methodological assessment, modeling and management of social and economic sustainable development

 • Incorporating systematic and synergetic approach within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
• Creating a methodology for multi-criteria modeling and planning of sustainable regional development
• Modeling and forecasting sustainable development of complex regional systems
• Studying interrelations of subsystems, nonlinearity and multi-optional processes, constant changes and other factors of sustainable development
• Predicting consequences of managerial decisions in sustainable regional development to reduce implementation risks and improve quality
• Developing tools to complete multi-criteria tasks considering various factors and assessment indicators in one or more interrelated easy-to-use models

sustainable development, regional economics, synergy, systematic and synergetic approach, multi-criteria approach


Elena Tretiakova
Doctor of Economics
Head of the Department of Word and Regional Economics, Economic Theory
WoS ResearcherID
Scopus AuthorID
SPIN-код 5846-1742

Waste Management System in Arctic Zone

 • Building circular economy in Arctic regions
• Shaping criteria and parameters of circular economy operation under extreme conditions
• Sharing experience in creating an effective waste management system in the Arctic zone
• Exploring relevant issues of international and interregional cooperation in Arctic territories
• Studying the role of business and civil society in achieving sustainable development and solving social and environmental problems of subpolar territories
• Enhancing regional capacity of the Arctic zone including ways of capitalization, sustainable use and effective reproduction

circular economy, regional policy, Arctic zone, international cooperation in the Arctic, production and consumption waste


Vyacheslav Stolbov
PhD in Geography
Associate Professor
Researcher ID: AAC-9473-2020;
SPIN-код: 1762–4189;
AuthorID: 118820

Development of Accounting, Analytical and Audit Services in Management in line with International Standards

 • Exploring issues of international financial reporting and audit standards
• Studying the correlation between international standards and national regulations of accounting and audit systems of business entities
• Elaborating regulations and methodological materials within transformation of a national accounting, reporting and audit system

international financial reporting standards, international audit standards, national accounting and audit standards, audit, analysis


Mikhail Gorodilov
Doctor of Economics
Head of the Department of Accounting, Audit and Economic Analysis

Tatyana Sheshukova
Doctor of Economics
Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences

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