Grounding on the long-time academic tradition, Perm State National Research University (PSU) defines the following policies as priorities:

  • bringing up a graduate distinguished by creativity and initiative spirit, driven by the search for truth, showing individual progress, an able team-player, developing new types of activities, meeting the challenges of time, focusing on the needs of society, coming forward with innovations;
  • shaping the intellectual, business and political elite of the region, taking key roles in all spheres of public life;
  • expanding the range of scientific research in order to create high-tech innovative products and breakthrough technologies, acquiring the growth goals of the University;
  • providing a positive impact on the development of the local territories through social activities by the university staff;
  • keeping to the ‘classics’ principles of fundamental and versatile education;
  • strengthening interaction between industry, academic science, business community, authorities and civil society, following the prospects the University, local territories and Russia, on the whole;
  • expanding innovative approaches in scientific, research and educational activities;
  • building up a creative atmosphere for employees and students of the University;
  • cultivating the University corporate culture, providing support of individual creativity, based on the principles of academic freedom, tolerance, communication and exchange of opinions, contributing to the whole system of University values;
  • spreading active civil approach among the University graduates.
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