Engineering and Environmental Sciences

Institute of Natural Science

● Studying geochemistry of natural and technogenic ecosystems
● Developing technology of environmental protection and waste recycling for mining territory
● Researching new method of remediation by geochemical and biological (vegetation and microbiological) methods
● Investigating geotechnicalparameters for construction
● Environmental risk assessment

Environmental geochemistry,  technology of environmental protection,  biodiversity, forestry, waste recycling, remediation


Elena Khayrulina
PhD in Geography
Associate Professor
ORCID: 0000-0002-9074-8551
ResearcherID: J-8411-2014

Methodological Approach to Policies of Industry in Sustainable Development and Water Resources Protection

 • Developing a method for assessing water shortage based on the integral index of water resources
• Applying the index that combines two indicators. Primarily, the wastewater discharge indicator characterizes the quality of water resources. Secondly, the water use indicator characterizes the quantity of water resources. The integral indicator can be used in planning industrial activities to achieve sustainable development
• Exploring the contribution of the industry to the water shortage in a territory
• Assessing quantitative and qualitative shortage of water resources in a territory affected by a large mining enterprise in the northeast of Perm Krai

sustainable development, enterprise, water resources, indicator, index, water management balance, water supply, wastewater, water shortage, water quality


Olga Larchenko
PhD in Geography
Associate Professor

Maria Oskina
Phd student

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

 • Developing neural network systems for predicting defects in mass production
• Sharing successful university-enterprise practices of reducing defect ratio in casting and ceramic production and improving product quality

modelling, predicting, product quality, defects, neural networks


Leonid Yasnitsky
Doctor of Technical Sciences
ORCID: 0000-0002-8212-3826
Scopus AuthorID: 6602291952

Waste Management System in Arctic Zone

 • Building circular economy in Arctic regions
• Shaping criteria and parameters of circular economy operation under extreme conditions
• Sharing experience in creating an effective waste management system in the Arctic zone
• Exploring relevant issues of international and interregional cooperation in Arctic territories
• Studying the role of business and civil society in achieving sustainable development and solving social and environmental problems of subpolar territories
• Enhancing regional capacity of the Arctic zone including ways of capitalization, sustainable use and effective reproduction

circular economy, regional policy, Arctic zone, international cooperation in the Arctic, production and consumption waste


Vyacheslav Stolbov
PhD in Geography
Associate Professor
Researcher ID: AAC-9473-2020;
SPIN-код: 1762–4189;
AuthorID: 118820

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