Mathematical, Information and Computing Sciences

Analysis and Forecasting of Financial Markets

 • Evaluating the impact of international news on trade sanctions imposed on Russia
• Determining an index of sanctions news (SNI Index) to predict the behavior of participants at the financial market
• Applying the Granger test to examine the relationship between the Sanctions news index, stock and foreign exchange markets

trade sanctions, financial markets, Russian ruble, Russian stock market, Russian ruble`s forecasting


Vladislav Rychkov
PhD in Economics
Associate Professor

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

 • Developing neural network systems for predicting defects in mass production
• Sharing successful university-enterprise practices of reducing defect ratio in casting and ceramic production and improving product quality

modelling, predicting, product quality, defects, neural networks


Leonid Yasnitsky
Doctor of Technical Sciences
ORCID: 0000-0002-8212-3826
Scopus AuthorID: 6602291952

Forecast and Management of Socio-economic Development of Countries and Territories via Modern Information Technologies

 • Elaborating practical solutions, updated mathematical methods and algorithms
• Incorporating the concept of digital terrain model (digital twin)
• Providing software for intelligent decision support systems, based on a digital terrain model, new mathematical methods and algorithms

mathematical methods of analysis and forecast in economy, digital models, intelligent decision support systems


Dmitry Andrianov
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Vladimir Maksimov
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory

 • Building digital twins using Aggregate platform
• Pervasive optically saturated cyber-physical systems
• Energy efficient area networks (LPWA)
• Creating cyber-physical systems for the following purposes:
◦ Mining and environmental monitoring
◦ Ensuring the safety and security of facilities
◦ Industrial monitoring and control
◦ Automation of test and measurement systems

digital twin, sensors, LPWA, cyber-physical systems


Mikhail Zhitkov
PhD in Technical Sciences
Associate Professor

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