Medical and Health Sciences

Human Health in Modern World: Post-pandemic, ‘New Normal’, Challenges to Healthcare System

 • Studying dynamics of population health in the modern world, i.e. the impact of demographic, epidemiological, social, political and economic processes
• Considering the increase of life expectancy as a key strategic objective
• Exploring ways to preserve and develop human potential under conditions of demographic and epidemiological challenges
• Developing a new concept of ‘self-preservation’ and ‘self-preservation behavior’ in the modern world. Problems of maintaining mental health
• Studying the transformation of healthcare institutions and contribution of the state, civil society and individuals to ensuring healthcare and safety

population health, life expectancy, healthcare, post-pandemic, social determinants of health


Genomic and Postgenomic Technologies

 • Conducting structural and functional analysis of plant genomes
• Sequencing DNA of rare and resource plant species
• Studying mobile genetic elements in plants
• Defining principles of multiple molecular genetic genomic marking
• Identifying and assessing gene pools of resource plant species, including cereal crops
• Molecular genetic identification and certification of populations and woody plants species
• Using molecular barcoding to solve problems of biodiversity conservation
• Identifying genetic determinants that form practically significant plant traits
• Developing recommendations to conserve genetic resources of the Perm Region and creating a model system for facilitating conservation of genetic diversity of resource plant species
• Molecular genetic analysis of the physical qualities of a person, including the analysis of the genetic predisposition to engage in certain sports (martial arts)
• Molecular genetic analysis of fish populations and brood stocks

structural-functional analysis, genetic diversity and structure, identification, populations, woody plants, crops


Maria Danilova
PhD in Biology
Associate Professor

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