Perm University – a sportsman’s or sportswoman’s dream

Our students enjoy taking care of their health and staying in shape and this is catered for in many ways! We have our very own sports ground nearby, where track running and football are among the most popular sports in summer, and cross-country skiing in winter! Skis are available to hire for all students. We also highly encourage simply taking a stroll around the grounds, taking in the fresh air and feeding the squirrels and birds!
Every student has the opportunity to take part in any sport he or she wishes. If outdoor activities are not your thing, there is always out sports hall in the grounds of the university itself. Play basketball, volleyball, and badminton, or enjoy aerobics, athletics, or martial arts training. All activities are led by professionals who bring out the maximum potential of our students!
Competitions take place year-round in the university. Faculties fiercely contend with each other, to achieve the status of top dog, whether that be in basketball, football, darts, and even chess. The good spirit of competition is never lost. Winners receive prizes and even scholarships! Teams also have the opportunity to represent Perm University and our city in much larger, often national, competitions.
We are proud to brush shoulders with some of the most talented sportsmen and women in the Ural region! Our untouchable university women’s basketball team has been top in the city for several years in a row! Our athletics team is the full-out winner of the town relay race each year, awarded the Star newspaper accolade for their amazing achievements. 
Many students who engage in sports at the university go on to have successful sporting careers. For example, there is Ivan Lapin, a graduate of the physics faculty who became a all-round master of ring combat sports while at Perm University, and went on to win gold at the World Championship. Anastasia Lyubimova, who graduated from the philological faculty, also achieved amazing heights when she defeated all competitors to win gold in the Russian student championship in power-lifting. The list goes on! 

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