Student Union

PSU Student Union is a student self-governing body, which stands for students’ rights and represents your interests in face of the University administration.

Join the Union

Fill in the application at the Union Committee (building 7, ground floor, room 702) and pay the entry fee of ₽50 ($0,70 or € 0,64) monthly if you study on a fee-paying basis; alternatively, as you sign in, 2% of membership fee will be deducted automatically if you study on a non-fee-paying program. 

4500 students have already become the PSU Student Union members, and you are welcome to join!

What the Union Does 

The Union protects the students’ interests and puts confidence in to their future.

The PSU Student Union assists with setting the dormitory conditions and participates in the resolution of conflicts, which arise during residence. It provides legal, financial and material assistance. The Union organizes recreation and leisure for the students. 

The organization offers various bonuses and discounts to the Union members. 72 companies from Perm and its territories perform as its regular partners.

The Union members have the opportunity to attend and participate in various student seminars, conferences, symposiums at the regional, national and international levels on behalf of the Union. 

The Student Union Committee includes: the Chairman, 3 assistants, the Newspaper editor-in-chief, and 13 representatives of each University faculty and PSU College. 

Assistance to International Students

The Student Union assists with the adaptation of students on and off campus, helps with the dormitories, introduces freshers to local life and culture, as well as gives a hand in resolution of conflicts, both residential and educational.

The Union plans to run a curatorship for international students, which will unite Russian and other countries’ undergraduate students to act as mentors for foreign freshers.

The Student Union Magazine

A monthly publication; the number of issues published annually, varies

The magazine exists for more than 6 years. It is published entirely by students.

Each issue of the magazine contains articles on current events and problems faced by the students. The published materials often draw attention to the problems covered, which are then efficiently resolved. In this regard, the magazine enables everyone to be heard.

The magazine unites most aspiring student journalists. They always publish content of high interest and quality. The publications cover educational, as well as social and creative components of students’ life.

The editing group coordinates the Bambolea Student Media Festival. There, young journalists acquire knowledge, skills and experience necessary in their field, and most importantly, find new opportunities for internships and professional development.

For more details on the magazine, follow the link.


The Student Union annually helps to organize 24 events. Set by PSU students and graduates, many of the projects have reached the city and regional level.

Student Dormitory Festival

The Student Dormitory Festival is an annual competition in which 7 university dormitories participate and compete for the title of best. The teams go through various tasks: creative and intellectual, as well as sports, journalism and national cuisine.

Eager to participate? Go to the event group in VK.

Union Rep of the Year

The Union Rep of the Year is a competition that helps identify faculty leaders and mainstream their work. The Union Rep is an important link to the activities of the Student Union. Without such representatives it would be difficult to respond the requests of the Union in time and person. 

The Union representative is a person to share advice and help deal with your questions.

All relevant information on the Union Rep might be found here.

School of the Active

The School of the Active is a workshop camp for leaders in student self-government. Twice a year, the most active and initiative folks go through a 4-day intensive course, where they gain new knowledge, meet interesting people, and reveal their potential.

200 applications are received for each School, the competition is 4 people per place. Since the start of the project, more than 1,500 people have taken part in it.

The School of the Active provides you a key to successful cooperation within the student community. It protects the interests of your study mates, and sets new horizons for cooperation.

Learn more about the project in the official group in VK.

Bambolea Youth Media Festival

Bambolea is a youth media festival where participants gain useful skills, exchange experiences between youth editorial offices and form new journalist cooperations.

Traditionally, the Festival takes place in several stages: primary training, test and selection, creation of a media product, and the project presentation. Each year, Bambolea changes, participants get acquainted with new social networks or shoot video reports, take interviews or write long-reads. The winners are provided with the opportunity to pass internships in leading local media companies.

Interested in modern media? Want to study journalism in addition to your main profession, free of charge? Come to the Festival group in VK.

The School of Curators

Each year, almost 1,700 students enter the University and need adaptation here. The School of Curators is an educational project aimed at preparing students performing as curators for working with freshers.

The School apprentices pass a multi-stage selection process to prove that they deserve to act as curators. Annually, about 150 senior students become mentors, assistants, and friends for freshmen.

Want to become a curator for your fellow? Need some help? Useful information can be found in the group in VK.

PSU Student Union – the Studentship Lives Here!

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