Choose Your Way, Join the Student Club

The Student Club, officially, the Student Palace of Culture, Perm State University (PSU) invites students to reveal talents and fulfills their potential. Here everyone can find something for themselves – acting, dancing, singing, playing music, performing arts or even fencing.

Let’s see what the Club has to offer and see how to make your student life unforgettable!

The Student Club Capacity and Facilities

The major goal of the Student Club is to form an educational environment, contributing to the growth of creative student’s personality, allowing them to progress with their skills far beyond graduation. Annually, the Club runs more than 200 events, attended by about 60,000 people. The Club unites active students, professionals in arts and sports, and university staff.

The Student Club offers 2 concert halls (700 seats and 100 seats each), as well as set of equipped facilities and creative spaces. The bigger Concert Hall is one of the most advanced and technically equipped venue areas in the city, allowing students to translate their activity to a wider city audience. The Grand Halls’ capacities, including sound amplification and light equipment enable PSU to run most prestigious festivals and competitions, on national and international levels.

The PSU Academic Choir

The roots of choral performances can be traced back to Antiquity. Till this day they remain an integral part of human heritage. Everyone can express themselves by joining the PSU Academic Choir.

The PSU Academic Choir unites students from various faculties, regardless of their specialty. Anyone is welcome to join a friendly team of singers, learn to work with their voice and perform at numerous concerts in Russia and abroad.

The Choir’s repertoire has always included works of various eras, musical trends and styles: Russian folk songs, national and international classics, sacred music, pieces by contemporary composers, pop songs and rock numbers. Many Choir members have gone on to become professionals in music. Even if you have zero singing experience, the PSU Academic Choir will gladly accept you as a part of its team.

Contact PSU Academic Choir at:

The Pop Vocals Studio

Along with group singing, individual singing has been and still remains one of the leading trends of vocal art.

The Pop Vocals Studio at PSU is run by Svetlana Anastas, a frequent winner of international vocal competitions. The studio offers everyone an opportunity to learn and master their voice, develop vocal skills and participate in a variety of events. Such venues include different live performances and vocal competitions, like “A Step From Classics” Annual Contest.

The Studio works with each person individually and acknowledges personal interests, preferred genres and overall goals. The Studio is in active search of musically gifted students, and invites anyone interested in music to give it a try, and improve their singing skills.

“A Step From Classics” Annual Contest

The PSU Drumming Class

Since the Ancient times, the rhythm has been a companion of multiple rituals and chants. Drumming has established itself in every human culture, in each historical period. African tom-toms, Indian tablas, Spanish castanets and finally, modern drum kit, – percussive instruments remain an integral part of music performances.

The PSU Drumming Сlass is headed by Sergei Ivanov, a professional drummer. The class invites those interested in drumming to join. Whether you have played drums before, or have no experience at all, you will find the studio approach to complement your interests and intentions. Among those who took up the classes are such local-based bands as the 3-Dance and Olivia.

The PSU Drumming Class welcomes new students. Both group and individual classes are available.

Sergei Ivanov, PSU Drumming Сlass

The PSU Classical Music Club

The PSU Classical Music Club is a communication hub and a creative platform for musicians and classical music lovers.

Join a team of passionate young people who develop and promote classical music among the students of Perm as well as throughout Russia.

Whether you are a professional musician or just an amateur making your first steps in classical music, this Club grants you an opportunity to join. You will take part in concerts, workshops, creative sessions and festivals by the Classical Club. You will also always be in the key with a variety of classical music events in Perm.

PSU Classical Music Club

The Shake Dance Group

For 15 years the Shake Dance Group youth dance theater is actively working in the field of modern choreography. As of 2020, it includes more than 70 aspiring dancers from PSU.

The Shake Dance team has participated in – and won – many national and international dancing competitions. It is also one of the organizers of the “Dance Semester” National Festival of Choreographic Art. Dancing workshops are available as well. Many students join the Shake Dance team to learn modern dancing techniques and participate in different dancing events.

If you love to hit the floor, come join us!

The Shake Dance Group group or Instagram.

The Silver Tassie Scottish Dancing Club

The Silver Tassie Scottish Dancing Club invites everyone to take dance courses, regardless of age, sex or previous dancing experience! Both amateurs and inexperienced ones are welcome to come. Looking for new friends? Eager to discover Celtic culture? Want to learn traditional Scottish dances and rock at Ceili parties? Come join us!

At the Club you will:

  • learn group and solo Scottish dances;
  • participate in off-campus events, as well visit other cities in Russia and abroad;
  • take part in exhibition performances, workshop sessions, ball evenings and themed nights;
  • engage in an extraordinarily fun time!

The Silver Tassie Scottish Dancing Club

The Nikakoi Theater

Play-acting and visual performance had been considered as a complex form of art since the early days of human existence. Every theater company has always been a living organism with its own actors, repertoire, hallmarks and traditions. The Nikakoi Theater is a team of young promising actors.

In its productions, the troupe raises a variety of topics – from anecdotes and sketches to interpretations of classical works and further experiments – like a plastique play “Froth of the Daydream” (1947) by Boris Vian, with no spoken word, the plot is expressed entirely through the movements of actors. Another play, “WeMe” is based on a famous Russian dystopian novel “We”* (1920) by Evgeni Zamyatin, who latter inspired George Orwell to write his famous “1984” (1949) *. The play raises universal questions of human existence, the society and individual, technically incorporating both living actors and puppets.

The Nikakoi Theater in VK:
The Nikakoi Theater official site

The PTAH Creative Laboratory

The PTAH Creative Laboratory (ПТАХ in Russian, with an allusion to a small bird) was founded at PSU in 2008. The Laboratory was set by PSU graduates and creative youth.

In the Laboratory students are taught the basics of acting, stage performance of various genres and forms (dramatic, plastic and street performances, children’s plays and puppet shows, musicals).

If you’re interested in audio-visual art (producing radio plays, creating clips, shooting short films) and advertising art, feel free to join!

The performances by PTAH are known far beyond Perm. It’s productions are awarded grand prix in various nominations at different theater festivals, regional, national and international ones.

Want to be a part of the Creative Laboratory? Contact them via the official group in VK.

PTAH in VK, Evgenia German (Pashieva), Art Director

The Nebolshoi Theater

The Nebolshoi Theater (a pan on «small» and «no-hype» word, as opposed to the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow), PSU has celebrated its 25th anniversary. The theatre had been formed as a student initiative. PSU graduates of different years continue their collaboration with the theater.

The actors pick most relevant and acute issues of the day as a source for their plays. The audience is invited to respond, collisions of human relationships, common misunderstandings or complex philosophical issues. The Theater is a prize winner of various contests and festivals, including the Open Curtain Festival grand prix.

In 2012, the Nebolshoi Theater opened its own school of drama, enabling participants to try their hand in creating performance productions. Students are invited to study acting and stage speech, as well as participate in stock plays of the Theater.

Dreaming of playing on stage? Learn how to become a part of the Theater at:

The Nebolshoi Theater, Anton Kuzmin, Art Director

The Caballero's Way Artistic Fencing Studio

Stage fencing is a specific type of performance, where fencing, acting and dancing plastic are seamlessly combined. Members of the studio set up performances and mini-plays, take part in various festivals and contests.

Due to experienced tutors, the Fencing Studio members get the opportunity to learn stage movement and fencing from a scratch. In case you possess acting skills, you can take part in filming as an actor or a stuntman, and even learn horse-riding tricks.

Keen on how to hold a sword or want to learn? Contact The Caballero’s Way official group in VK or Taras Chikin, head of the studio.

The Lumiere Circus Studio

The Lumiere Circus Art Studio was founded in 2015. The troupe sets up performances with elements of drama, each with a unique story. The Studio team consists of completely different people: some used to be engaged in dancing, others – in parkour.

Got skills or desire to learn circus art – acrobatics, aerial gymnastics, juggling, balancing act? Not afraid of height? Find out more in the official group or contact the team leader, Maria Kuzina.

The Order of the Knights of the Stage

An important step in the progress of the student creative movement and self-governance became the creation of the Order of the Knights of the Stage, specifically a PSU students’ association. Today, the Order is one of the most active organizations of the city, which unites more than 1,500 active student members.

Annually, more than 40,000 spectators attended about two hundred events by the Order. Relevant footage from performances and concerts can be found the Student Club video archives.

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