Littera Language Center at PSU: Launches New Program, Invites Students

According to the goskills platform, one of the most popular tendencies of the recent year, traced among many Europeans, is acquiring new competencies. Which ones would be your choice?

The Littera Language Center at the Regional Institute for Continuing Education, PSU invites you to apply for an extra-curriculum study program “Executive Assistant and Interpreter”, and gain new competencies in English language.

Upon the completion, program graduates will receive a certificate by Perm State University, providing the qualification of an Executive Assistant and Interpreter – allowing further progress in translation, international relations or tourism.

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The Regional Institute for Continuing Education, established in 2004, remains one of the largest centers for additional education and professional orientation in the Perm territory – providing courses for all kinds of audiences, from college and university students to civil servants and practicing professionals.

Executive Assistant and Interpreter Program: (avoid space in the link)

Application due to: 28 January at: avoid space in the link

Picture source: What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

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