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7 July: Meet PSU Faculty of Economics Online!

Interested in getting an affordable MBA degree? Searching for exchange opportunities with universities abroad? Looking forward for an internship placement in business? On 7 July, Faculty of Economics, PSU runs a visiting day and consulting online! The Open Day Online is a great opportunity to hear from PSU lecturers, admissions staff and students’ support team.

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Study Chemistry at PSU, Learn to Lead Business in Pharmacy!

Want to start your own business in pharmaceuticals? Eager to explore how medical drugs work? Interested in creating the new remedies? The Faculty of Chemistry, PSU, offers a 5-years specialist degree course in Pharmacy, for the study year 2020-2021. Throughout the course the students learn to identify the activity of newly synthesized substances, develop medicines

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Study Ecology at PSU, Get New Career Opportunities!

Interested in ‘green’ career, cooperating with famous enterprises? Attracted by eco-friendly technologies, recycling industries and waste management? Searching for positive win-win solutions in ecology? The Faculty of Geography, PSU, offers a profile “Ecological Engineering and New Energetics” within a 4 years’ bachelor’s course in Ecology and Nature Management, for the study year 2020-2021. The program

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