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Stanford Scholar opens PSU International Forum, Raises Discussion

How does our brain look, when making social-based, moral decisions? Can we speak of morality if we mention animals, let’s say, rats? May we introduce the holy commandments into such tests, and why? Today, the International Forum “Science and Global Challenges of the 21st Century” started at Perm State University, uniting PSU scholars with those

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Meet PSU Scholars Through Springer Publications!

Interested in international science and research? Ever thought of studying in Russia, or collaborating with Russian colleagues? Looking for relevant phenomena to explore, or make money from?   Students, scholars, teaching fellows are getting ready for the start of the international forum “The Science and Global Challenges in the 21st Century“, taking place on 18 October

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PSU Celebrates 105th Anniversary

Dear students and teachers, university staff and alumni, friends and international partners,  Thank you for your multiple warm greetings, words of love and support!  We regard 105th Anniversary a small, yet meaningful step to a brighter future. We are happy to feel your cooperation, growing seeds and sharing fruit of knowledge, on the way! The

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