The Radio PSU Media Center: The University Life on the Air

The Radio PSU Media Center is known as the oldest student radio station in the Perm territory, having passed its 70-year mark in 2020. What does it look like, and which opportunities does it offer today?

The Media Center takes an important part in the university’s activities – primarily using its radio platform for announcements, competitions and music games among students and PSU staff. The renewal of studio equipment, as well as development of broadcasting via the Internet has expanded the radio’s outreach, introducing new formats and music content.

The Radio PSU Media Center is a unique creative laboratory. It has long served as a launch pad for many alumni to start career in broadcasting, to mention the Russian radio, the Vesti-Perm, the Echo Perm, the Hit FM and many others. The university radio helps young journalists learn the media science and master the art of communication.

The Radio PSU Media Center constantly seeks cooperation with international students. In 2017, the radio team released a series of World Music programs exploring the history of music all over the world. In 2020, the Media Center team has released a new program, titled Around the World, on the rules of etiquette in India, Italy, Turkey and France with follow-up podcasts.

“We are inviting international students to talk about modern music that is popular among young people in their country. We are also going to interview them on their study, the challenges they meet, and friendly projects with other international and Russian students”.

Ivan Mutovkin, head of the Radio PSU

PSU international students have already made first steps in broadcasting. The program titled World Cuisine united stories on various national tastes and foreign impressions of the Russian food. The program was awarded the winner’s certificate in the Students Media Projects Competition UniverCity-2018.

Over the past few years, the Radio PSU has received important awards and grants, reflecting the interest in the student media by the experts’ community. In 2012-2013, as a part of the program From Student to President, empowering PSU students associations, the recording studio at the Radio PSU Media Center was started. As the project evolved, modern studio, recording and broadcasting equipment had been purchased. Further success in student media contests allowed the Media Center staff attend seminars and workshops with leading Russian journalists by the Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting.

The PSU students’ radio programs have repeatedly won prizes at the Russian Radio Festival Vmeste-Radio, the Russian Students Media Competition Media-Generation, the Student Concert-Theatrical Spring Festival and at the Regional Students Media Competition. Furthermore, students’ projects enter annual shortlists of the UniverCity All-Russian Competition.

Over the years, the Radio PSU has united creative people from various faculties. Modern music, university news, cultural and sport events, daily life, fashion, leisure – all these and more interests are traditionally covered in live broadcasts by the students themselves.

In 2020, the Radio PSU Media Center has celebrated its 70th anniversary. The first broadcast took place on 30 April, 1950. Since then, the voices on air are heard every break time on campus. The Radio PSU Media Center keeps up with best traditions of the centennial university and further on.

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