The Perm University Newspaper: "Vivat, Crescat, Floreat”

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The Perm University newspaper is the main corporate periodical of our University. It reflects almost all aspects of the University life – from creative activity and self-government to study and research. Thus, the periodical not only unites the voices of professors and students, but also shows readers the University’s chronicle, being a link between generations.

Since 2017, The Perm University newspaper has been distributed via a corporate website, as well as through address dispatch. Moreover, 2020 has brought an innovation: the access to the newspaper by QR codes.

Today, the Perm University newspaper is a link between the teaching staff and the students. The editing team sees its purpose in exactly this: an opportunity to unite people of different generations from every faculty under common interests.

“Another feature of the newspaper is its pluralistic format, serving the purpose of free communication. For instance, the article regarding a particular decision by the Rector might get comments by PSU staff and students”

Alexey Trapeznikov, editor of The Perm University

The publications cover a vast variety of university life aspects. Among them are articles on the PSU radio station, success stories of PSU graduates, major scientific events and much more. Quite common are interviews with foreign students, who share their experience of living in Russia and studying at PSU.

The Perm University newspaper offers a training format for young journalists, allowing about a dozen students to learn the skills in practice. Following the Faculty of Philology, geologists, economists, historians, chemists and representatives of other faculties have started making contributions to the newspaper, adding their extra pages to each edition.

The first Perm University issue was published on April 16, 1948 for the Day of Soviet Science. Through the years, the newspaper has opened its doors for a lot of active and smart young people, to mention famous Russian writers, as Alexey Domnin, Lev Davydychev, Andrey Romashov, Vladimir Radkevich, Nina Avernina and many others.

In 2016, the newspaper won the first international contest organized by Media Planet in the category Best Youth Publication. Many printed student media from all over Russia, as well as a number of foreign ones, competed in the contest.

Circulation: 999 copies.

All of the Perm University newspaper issues are available here.

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