PSU Celebrates National Students’ Day

Streaming student media broadcasts, Minecraft game quest, culinary duel and karaoke battle have marked the National Students’ Day, which Perm State University celebrated on 25 January. The holiday went both in on-line and off-line formats. PSU international students gladly joined in.

Accompanied by the PSU radio broadcast, the Students’ Day started with a Zumba exercise fitness class. Further on, during the midday breaks, the students performed creative assignments and participated brain-teaser contests. Major anti-covid recommendations were followed along all the venues.

The main event was Minecraft game quest, using PSU campus model as a 3D contest ground. Solving the University history- and modern life-related tasks, the contestants had to search for directions and reach destination points. At the end of the game, a festive fireworks were launched.

Following a karaoke contest, student teams urged into cooking improvisation, being given sets of basic meal ingredients. Finally, the University Rector’s Office held the ceremony of cutting the holiday cake and treating the students with mead, traditional Russian mulled honey drink.

By the end of the day, the student live performance and Freshmen’ Theater Spring gathered all 12 PSU faculties on Students’ Club’s grand stage. The celebration of such a greeting exists solely at Moscow State University, and Perm State University.

On 25 January 1775, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree establishing the first university in Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Years later, it became an informal student holiday, nationally, celebrating the end of exam sessions and wintertime.

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