Psychological Aid at PSU

Dear PSU students teaching staff and friends,

Our task is to provide the necessary psychological assistance to everyone who needs it. It is important to understand that fear and anxiety are normal, and might be overcome. Professionals will help to cope with them.

Psychological guidance for teachers, students, staff and their families has been organized at the dormitories (hostels) of Perm State University. Please, don’t hesitate to apply! Psychologists work daily until 26 September from 10:00am to 8:00pm:

  • Dormitory 2: Head of Student Dormitories’ Office, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 5: Legal Clinic # 122 or Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 6: Lounge Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 7: Student Council Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 8: Briefing Room, ground floor;
  • Dormitory 9: Study Room, 2nd floor;
  • Dormitory 10: Dorm Head’s room, ground floor.

Please, remember, that all your enquiries will be answered by International Department of Perm State University.

During the night time, you may contact the Psychological Service Hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: (342) 258-40-02. Having a Russian friend beside will ease the communication!

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