Celebrate your Upgrades, Get an Autograph from PSU Rector!

International student graduating Perm Sate National Research University (PSU)? Missing the University campus and holiday mood? Want to share your celebration with family and friends? Keep great memories despite all odds?

Perm University Endowment Fund has launched a flash mob for PSU graduates ‘2020: get an autograph by the University Rector, and have it sent by us to your family!

Choose a card from a set of pictures with PSU campus views. For a symbolic donation of RUB 100 ($0,7) Perm University Endowment Fund will have a card signed by Professor Igor Makarikhin, PSU Rector, and send it to the address of your preference.

The text will contain congratulations to your family and friends, commemorating your graduation. More than just self-indulgence, this is a chance to thank those who have been supporting you for all this time, plus make a small yet important investment into the University future.

The amount of cards is limited, and the offer is valid for 1 month. Choose your card option and register here.

Got your mind set? Leave your request at @Perm University Endowment Fund Facebook page, or use endowment@psu.ru to contact. A safe link for a charitable donation will be sent back to your mail box. It takes about 2 weeks for a card to reach the destination in Russia, and a little more for the international mail.

The Perm University Endowment Fund was established in 2014. To date, the amount of the Endowment capital has reached RUB 11.000.000 ($ 170,000). The endowment supports several scholarships and mini grants, as well as bigger citizens-oriented projects.

It is important to understand, that the endowment fund, by its nature, does not redistribute its funds, but pays from the annual interest – using the money raised through bank operations. The funds are then directed to support academic activity, research projects and collaborations.

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