The Super First Year Student competition

Held annually

The Super First Year Student competition is a unique project by the PSU student union. It provides an opportunity for all the freshers to experience a variety of a students’ life joys and challenges – including creative tasks, sports, journalism, project work and intellectual activities.

Five fresher teams compete at each of the 12 faculties. Then they all participate in various competitions to win different prizes. However, the Super First Year Student competition is not bound to just one specific university. On the contrary, the event then escalates to intercollegiate level, where teams are formed by the students of every university in Perm.

Learn more about the competition via the official group in VK

The WE ARE International Student Festival

Held annually, in spring

We are keen on what an active studentship is. We help international students integrate into the university environment and experience the life of our city – through participation in a variety of events, enabling foreigners to present their culture, traditions and native customs. The WE ARE Festival allows to take part in active student life, enjoy new acquaintances, find new friends from all over the world.

Take a journey around the world without leaving the campus with the WE ARE Festival!

Learn more here

The Workshop Day

Held annually, in spring

The Workshop Day is a national educational project. It is designed to help you acquire useful knowledge and obtain a variety of competences, learn to set and achieve goals, gain self-confidence and give public speeches, develop time-management and creative skills, and much more!

Everyone from 16 to 29 can participate, completely free of charge!

Learn more about the event

The KitKap Course

Held annually, in autumn

The KitKap* is a short-term information and training course of the Student Union activists. It is designed for the student union members to improve their knowledge of the PSU legal framework. It also serves to develop their professional qualities and leadership skills.

By taking the course you will learn:
– everything about the scholarships;
– what is or isn’t allowed at PSU;
– the ‘clockworks’ of the PSU Student Union;
– the actions the Student Union leader is able to perform – and much more!

*The name is a pun on the famous KitKat candy bar. And yes, they are provided there!

Learn more about the KitKap here

Student Leader Сompetition

Held annually, in spring

The Student Leader competition is designed for anybody to express themselves and to show their active and creative nature as potential leaders of the student community. It allows anyone to apply their knowledge, demonstrate their skills and abilities which prove indispensable for the competition on the job market.

The Student Leader competition offers ambitious and self-confident students an opportunity to prove themselves, to make an important step towards growth, both personal and professional.

By participating in the competition, you will get new acquaintances, as well as partake in self-development. You will see new perspectives opening for you in the field of student community.

Learn more about the Student Leader competition through the official group in VK

The Student Spring Festival

Held annually, in autumn and winter

The Student Spring is a movement, which unites creative Russian youth for more than 20 years. The festival starts at each faculty, and then goes up to the university level, followed by intercollegiate and national contests.

Primarily, each faculty forms a team responsible for creating and performing a live performance, approximately 30-40 minutes long. Everyone can participate and express themselves there in various art forms, as well as find new friends.

Annually, over 1 million young people across Russia participate different festival stage. They find their own way of participating, be it singing, dancing, acting, testing out their writing and journalist skills.

After the territorial level, the Festival continues nationally, and then internationally, as three separate projects – The Caucasus Student Spring, The Baltic States Student Spring, and The SCO Student Spring festivals.

Find photos from the festivals here

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