International Students Assist PSU with French Wikipedia

Priscille Obli (Republic of Côte d’Ivoire), a student from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, PSU, has prepared articles on Perm State University for a French-speaking segment of Wikipedia.

Priscille significantly expanded data on Université d’État de Perm, previously consisting of just a couple of lines. She also introduced articles on key figures of the University.

In addition, Priscille created the categories Professeur à l’université d’État de Perm (Perm University Teaching Professors) and Étudiant de l’université d’État de Perm (Perm University Graduates), which incorporate names previously published in French Wikipedia.

Being a Philology course student, Priscille Obli performed the task as a part of her internship in Media Communications.

“The publications are quite relevant. Today, dozens of students from French-speaking countries study at PSU – to name the Aix-Marseille Université, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) and Université de Nantes as the most frequent PSU partners,”

comments Alexey Pustovalov, internship tutor, Associate Professor oat the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, PSU.

“We’ve also kept in mind, that Amnéville (France) is a twin city of Perm since 1992. So, we hope our update to French Wikipedia will be a worthy contribution to our Franсophone users,”

Alexey Pustovalov says.

As for the Russian-language Wikipedia, here PSU ranks third in the number of articles among Russian universities, following Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University.

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