Participate Natural Resources Forum, Get National and International Acclaim!

Saint Petersburg Mining University welcomes participation in the XVII International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers «Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources», to be held online, in the Zoom format on 1921 May, 2021.

The Forum-Competition is an open platform for discussing topical issues on the development of the mineral and raw materials and fuel and energy complexes of Russia and globally.

Students in the final year of their first degree, graduate students, post-graduate students and young scientists up to 35 years of age without a PhD degree with a B1-B2 level of English proficiency, whose study area is correspondent to the conference topic are invited to participate.

Applications deadline is due to 30 April, 2021. To participate in the Forum please register on and attach 1.5-2 pages abstracts in English by 30 April, 2021. All reports are submitted and presented in English.

The Zoom frame allows participants to reach wider audiences, and listeners ‒ ask questions both in live stream and text message format. A basic set of equipment – a computer (laptop) with a camera and a microphone and Internet access, plus technical support from the Forum organizers is all that counts.

The winners of the Forum-contest will be given the opportunity to publish a full-text article, which has passed the internal and external review stages, in a separate collection of CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group Publishing House, the Netherlands). They will also be nominated for the “Young Science Leaders 2021” competition based on the results of all UNESCO Competence Centre activities for the year 2021.

The Forum Breakout Sessions cover the following topics:

  1. Innovative technologies in hydrocarbon deposits development and exploitation.
  2. Promising technical and technological solutions in the field of well construction.
  3. Challenging issues of pipeline transport of the 21st century.
  4. Chemical technology of natural energy carriers, carbon materials and inorganic substances.
  5. Technological processes and equipment for the beneficiation of mineral ores, metallurgy and their physics and chemistry.
  6. Technologies for the extraction of solid minerals. Occupational health and safety.
  7. Underground and surface space development technologies. Rock mechanics and ground control.
  8. Prospecting and exploration of solid mineral deposits, mineralogy, petrography, hydrogeology, engineering geology and geophysical research methods.
  9. Innovative methods for prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields.
  10. Economy of sustainable development and global investment trends.
  11. Information and telecommunication technologies and digital transformation.
  12. Innovations and prospects for the development of mining mechanical engineering.
  13. Energy efficiency of the production in the mineral resource sector.
  14. Regional sustainable development and environmental security.
  15. Waste management, water treatment, off- gas decontamination and remediation of land.
  16. Challenges and contradictions in the development of modern society.
  17. Current trends in architectural and urban development.

+ Creativity competition for undergraduate and master’s students of architecture and civil engineering universities, faculties and departments.

The International Forum-Contest “Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources” has been run since 2005. Since 2018, it has been held under the auspices of the International Competence Center in Mining Engineering Education, UNESCO.

Picture Source and detailed info – Saint Petersburg Mining University
International Forum-Contest information letter (please, see PDF file enclosed)

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