Promising Professions for Future? Discover the Faculty of Geology!

Choosing a faculty? Looking for job prospects after graduating the university? Which professions prove to be profitable for a centennial period? The graduates of the Faculty of Geology, PSU, have a solid answer, indeed: many have established themselves in large international companies like “LUKOIL”, “Eurasia” or  “Uralkali”, and more.

In a nutshell, you may choose to be a…

  • Geologist – studying the composition and structure of rocks for the purpose of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • Petroleum geologist – searching for liquid (oil) and gaseous hydrocarbon deposits and evaluates the potential of existing deposits;
  • Geophysicist – exploring Earth and mineral deposits based on the physical properties of rocks. For the processing of geophysical data, actively uses geoinformation technologies;
  • Telemetry Data Interpreter Engineer – supervising mining operations. Carries out collection, systematization and analysis of the data array received from the deposits;
  • Hydrogeologist – dealing with the search and study of groundwater, assessment of their quality and protection issues;
  • Geological engineer – engaged in engineering and geological surveys in construction during the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, responsible for the stability of buildings;
  • Mining Geophysical Engineer – dealing with planning, organization and management of mining operations (design and creation of new mines, open pits, etc.).

Born in 1916, Perm University was meant to meet the needs of the local industries, based mostly on natural resources. The traditional areas of activity, typical of Perm territories, have long included the search and study of gold, platinum, diamonds, oil, hard coil, iron ore and copper,  potassium-magnesium salts and their effective use.   

Till present day, the Faculty has been growing as a leading center studying the structure and composition of rocks and minerals, soil, ground- and surface water, solid and liquid industrial waste. This allowed PSU to get a National Research University status, building a dozen scientific and educational labs and starting collaborations, on national and international levels.

Currently the Faculty cooperates with universities and organizations in China, Italy, UK, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Japan, Norway, France, India, Laos, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Finland, New Zealand, Oman, Cameroon and Nigeria.

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