International students

Welcome address of Igor Makarikhin, PSU rector: «The Future Begins Here»

Dear friends!
We are pleased to welcome you to the University of Perm. The University is one of the top five classical universities in Russia. Our researchers and lecturers are all highly qualified – and professors come from universities all over the world to teach our students about the latest developments in international academia. Annually our students and professors get the opportunity to undertake training and internships in top foreign universities and research centres, where they improve their professional skills, share their experiences, and broaden their familiarity with scientific trends.
In a word, Perm State University is a place of opportunity for all. On campus, the students have excellent facilities including a scientific library an Internet centre.  They also have access to a health and recreation resort, and with four specialised areas for work experience internships, as well as a recruiting agency, they have the chance to develop their prospects beyond their immediate academic needs. Perm University is associated not only with almost a century of tradition and of the accumulation of knowledge, but also with a special creative atmosphere. The University provides space for discussion clubs, student academic communities, theatres - including a Francophone one - and many other creative projects in the lively Student Cultural Centre. Students keep abreast of the latest developments through the University’s numerous media outlets: “Radio PSU”, the “Permsky Universitet” newspaper, the student television studio “Univer TV”, and more than 10 different faculty newspapers.
The study environment is comfortable and pleasant. All the academic buildings are situated in the spacious and green university campus, which also contains gyms and libraries. Student residence halls are found both on campus and nearby. These are conditions that generations of students have found conducive to productive work and a happy social life! 

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