PSU Physicists Work on Advanced Magnetic Materials

Kirill Tsiberkin, Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical Physics, Perm State University, joined by postgraduate and graduate colleagues, have presented research results on the Web of Science and Scopus. Kirill Tsiberkin, Yana Strunina and Ekaterina Kovycheva research wave phenomena in paramagnets diluted with ferromagnetic impurities under the a grant support by the President of the Russian Federation.

The research by PSU physicists involves theoretical analysis of magnetization waves in a diluted magnetic semiconductor. The project aims at simulation of wave phenomena in rarefied materials, which serves the task of transmission of information in electronics. The results can be used to create high-speed electronic switches and memory cells. The article describing the approach was accepted for publication in the European Physics Journal B.

“The small amount of interaction between atoms considerably limits the possibility of waves. So, we were looking for conditions under which the waves become stable. It turned out, not only does the direct interaction of magnetic atoms have a serious impact on this, but also their connection with the main non-magnetic material,”

says Kirill Tsiberkin.

The research paper with the primary description of the developed model has been accepted for publication in the journal Physics of Metals and Metal Science. A detailed article has been published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

The research results have been also presented at the International Winter School of Theoretical Physicists “Kourovka – XXXVIII”, and Perm Hydrodynamic Scientific Readings – 2020.

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