PSU Scholars Present Results in Photonics, Nationally

Alexey Medvedev, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, has highly estimated research by PSU scholars while visiting Perm. The Deputy Minister took part in a meeting on a world-class Scientific and Educational Center “Rational Subsoil Use”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of universities, research institutes and production companies, united as partners of the Center. Dr. Dmitry Krasilnikov, Acting Rector, Perm State University, presented the results of PSU research in rational subsoil use.

“The development of resource extraction in the region and business cooperation with the Scientific and Educational Center creates a great demand for scholars’ efforts. Thanks to our partners from the Perm Scientific and Production Instrument-Making Company, PSU has made a step forward in photonics technologies, ”

said Dmitry Krasilnikov.

The progress by PSU scientists resulted in publications in global professional journals. PSU experts use photonic technologies to develop information cybernetic systems in the oil-producing area. For example, a unified intelligent system for managing subsoil use objects based on fiber optic sensors.

In partnership with manufactures, the scientists develop fiber optic sensor systems, increasing their accuracy and reliability under sharp temperature changes, creating fiber optic that can operate in harsh mining environments.

The Perm Scientific and Educational Center “Rational Subsoil Use” had been created within the national project “Science” by the President of the Russian Federation, aiming to create an ecosystem ensuring technological breakthroughs in subsoil use, attracting young and talented scholars.

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